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Posted on February 25, 2012


Dearest Regeret,

I will give you a list of things I agree with:

abortion, gay marriage, suicide, depression, faith diversity, disunion, pacifism, the internet, green peace, the national institutes of guns, alcohol and cigarettes, math teachers, poorly written books and well-written books, science, documentaries, the 90’s Cartoon Network, solutions for first, second and third world problems, the Venus project, conspiracy theories, poker, chess and backgammon, boners, music, female orgasms, boys playing with dolls and offensive language.

And now, I will give you a list of things I do not agree with fully:

state influenced by religion, racism, xenophobia, expressed zoophile, necrophilia and pedophilia, patriotism, war, hepatitis A, B and C, Mickey Mouse’s birthday, parents, siblings, offspring, capital punishment, hate, anger, the winter, small cities, well written books and poorly written books, biology teachers which don’t agree with Darwinism, anorexia and ethical advices.

But who am I to judge anything?


Regards, Eget Harnvm

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